5 Tips to Keep your Puppy Cool in the Heat

Summer May Be Winding Down, but the Heat is Still On: Tips To Keep Your Puppy Cool in The Hot Weather

Keep Your Puppy Cool in the Summer Heat

Just like humans, dogs are also susceptible to overheating and the summer months can lead to discomfort especially for puppies. Just as children can be affected by excessive heat, so can puppies. You need to know how to take care of your pets in the hot summer months. Below are five tips to keep your puppy cool in the heat and avoid dehydration.

#1 – Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

This one is a no brainer. Whether you are stopping for a quick grocery run after a visit to the vet, you should never leave your puppy in a parked car on a hot day. Leaving your puppy in the car on a hot day can be fatal, and should be avoided even when you expect to be away for a few minutes. This applies even when parked in the shade. The interior of the car is a lot hotter than the outside, and can negatively affect your pets if left in the car. Do not do this!

#2 – Regular baths

You don’t have to go to the beach for your pet to cool off in on a hot day. Our #2 tip to keep puppy cool in the heat is to give your puppy regular baths. Noon is the best time to let your pet cool off in a kiddie pool. Make sure that your pet doesn’t drink the chlorinated water. Also wash down your pet after a swim if the water is chlorinated or salty.

#3 – Stay Inside

This is an especially good idea for puppies. Avoid going out in the heat all together. Dogs tend to be more sensitive to heat than people which is why it might be a good idea to stay inside. The puppy will appreciate being cool in the house away from the blistering heat.

#4 – Keep Your Puppy Hydrated

You puppy will need a lot more water to drink during hot days than normal. Make provisions for extra water, and watch out for signs of discomfort which often indicate dehydration. If you are outside in the shade, carry a water bottle for your puppy to drink from. This is an especially important one on the tips to keep puppy cool in the heat especially when outside on a hot day. If you must leave the house, make sure that you restrict your movements to grassy and well shaded areas.

#5 – Know How to Cool Down Your Puppy

You need to know that dogs cool from the bottom up. This means that simply spraying your puppy with water might not be enough to keep your puppy cool, especially if they have a darker coat. Darker coats usually absorb more heat, which is a good point to consider. One great way to keep your puppy cool is to let them lie on a wet towel or freeze a cold washrag and let them chew on it.

With these tips to keep puppy cool in the heat, you should be able to get through the summer without any problems. Just like children, young puppies need extra care and attention. This is the best way to ensure that you raise a healthy and happy dog. These tips also apply to fully grown dogs, and especially aging dogs which need more care and attention. Remember to consult your vet if you see any questionable signs from your pet. It’s better to be safe when dealing with the heat.

Do you have any tips to keep your puppy cool in the heat? Post in the comments and share with us!

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