About Life With A Puppy

A Little About Us…

Kona Golden Retriever Puppy Welcome and thanks for visiting Life With A Puppy. We started this website to document the life of our golden retriever puppy, Kona, who we brought home in August 2013 at 7 weeks old. Kona was born on June 18, 2013 in Alaska where she spent the first seven weeks of her life with her and her liter mates. She was shipped to us on a plane and spent over 12 hours getting to us, hence the idea of starting a website about a puppy from Alaska living in California..with a Hawaiian name.

We always knew we wanted a dog when the time was right. When we decided that the time is NOW, we began doing tons of research. We always knew we wanted a golden retriever but had a lot of research to do on our end – what type of temperament did we want our dog to have, etc. You never really know how much time and effort goes into these types of things until you do it. We also spent plenty of time reading all sorts of documents online and in books about how to prepare for a puppy, things to consider, what you need to do, etc. We talked to lots of people and we asked lots of questions. Because all of this took so much time, our goal is to put everything we learned online so that it can be a source of information for future puppy owners to consider when getting a pup. Since we got Kona we’ve already had two friends get puppies of their own which is why we know this site will not only be useful to us, but to many other people out there!

Please note, we are NOT experienced dog trainers, breeders, or vets. This is our first puppy as a married couple. We are everyday people who are training a puppy. We are not certified to give professional advice, but we are happy to share the knowledge of what we know and have learned throughout this puppy process.

Kona has brought such joy into our lives and we know that puppies bring so much joy into a family and household. We hope that you find the information on Life with a Puppy to be useful. Our life is a journey – enjoy the ride.

With Love,

Lindsay & Marion (Kona’s Mom and Dad)