Day 4: First Saturday with Kona


Kona slept great through the night. Marion took her out around 4am and I had the 6am shift. I took her outside to go potty and she went right away. She had a lot of energy so I took her back upstairs and threw the ball around with her for a bit.

At about 6:30am I heard a helicopter circling over our place. We heard helicopters circling last month because a great white shark was spotted at El Porto beach so we thought it may have been a similar incident. I went outside and saw it was a sheriff’s helicopter. At the end of the street I saw people gathered outside so I carried Kona and walked down to see what was going on. The street was roped off with police caution tape and neighbors were talking about a report of gunshots fired at around 4am earlier that morning. I looked over behind the police tape and I saw a SWAT Team officer with armed gear, a helmet, and holding a weapon. It freaked me out and I ran up the street with Kona and back into our apartment. I was so surprised that so many neighbors were casually hanging out drinking coffee, taking pictures, and videotaping the events with their iphone without any fear that something dangerous was going on. We live in a safe neighborhood and I’m sure this was a shock to all.

When we got back home I turned on the TV to watch the news and see what was going on. Kona was still being very playful so we tossed the ball around back and forth. Marion woke up and we took her for a little walk. She got her paws all muddy and when we got home we tried putting her in the bathtub to wash her off. She did NOT like the bathtub and was shaking. I got in the tub with her and quickly washed her paws and then dried her off with a warm towel. She liked that part. Then she fell asleep and I did too because I was exhausted from our eventful morning! She slept for a bit with Marion in the bed and it was really cute (yes, we may be teaching bad habits here).


After our mid-morning snooze we got ready to go and visit Marion’s parents. Kona was very good in the car this time – hopefully she is getting used to it. She loved playing in her grandparent’s yard and sniffing around and smelling all the different plants. She really loves plants. She also loved their water fountain and kept staring at it and putting her paws on the rocks. It was very cute.


When she was done playing in the backyard, we put her in her crate while we helped Marion’s parents load the car up for camping. Kona fell right asleep. We are so happy she loves being in her crate because it makes traveling with her already so much easier. She also got to meet her grand dad, Vince, for the first time as well as Poppa Marion and Eileen. Kona loved meeting her new family.


Then we picked up a few additional puppy supplies:

The ID tag was the most fun part. We went to PetsMart and we got to use a laser etch machine and it made the tag right on the spot. Pretty cool. Kona didn’t really like the feeling of the tag on her collar at first and kept trying to bite it off, but she has slowly gotten used to it.

When we got home Kona was ready for another snooze. We began packing for our camping trip while she slept. Then we had dinner. She slept for a long time and we decided to wake her up so she didn’t sleep the entire night. Our friends Krissy and Ryan were having a house warming party 5 blocks away so we decided to take her over there. She was a very good girl and walked about 3 of the 5 blocks. When we took her to the party everyone loved seeing her and holding her. It was very cute. After a while I could tell Kona was getting a bit overwhelmed by all the people so we took her downstairs. She had fun going to her first party but mom and dad wouldn’t let her drink any wine!

When we came home, Kona was again pooped and went right to sleep while we continued packing for our trip. We are going camping next week and she will be staying at grandma and grandpa’s house with Bailey since she doesn’t have all her shots yet. We will miss her but are thankful my parents and Bailey are willing and able to help take care of her while we are gone.

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