First Full Day with A Puppy

Day 2 with Kona


Our first full night with our golden retriever puppy is complete! Kona was such a good girl and slept for 6 hours straight! She slept from 9:30 to 3:30am without a peep. I was sleeping with one eye open (literally) waiting for her to have to go to the bathroom and whine but she didn’t do anything like that. We are crate training her and decided to put the crate with us in our bedroom so she was comforted by knowing we were there next to her. Any time she whimpered or cried, we were prepared to talk to her, console her, and put our fingers in the crate to let her know we were there. But she didn’t need any of that. We were so impressed and proud of our sweet girl! We took her out at 3:30am, 5:30am, and 7am. So precious.

On Thursday Kona woke up with PLENTY of energy. Wow. She is on fire in the mornings. All she wants to do is play. This was a bit concerning for me because I had work to do and phone calls to make, but I wanted to take the time needed to get our pup settled in. We played inside for about an hour, then I took her to go potty, and then she fell back asleep. Perfect. When the puppy sleeps, you sleep. Or get work done. I can already see how having a puppy will make me more efficient with my time.

Later in the afternoon my parents came over with their 8 year old golden retriever, Bailey. My parents have had goldens for over 35 years and I’ve been a golden retriever fan my whole life so this might give you some insight into why we chose this breed for our pup. Kona loved meeting Bailey. She was following her around and nipping at her. Bailey was very calm and gentle with her.

We took the dogs for a little walk down to the strand. Kona was having issues walking on a leash but after watching Bailey she was walking like a pro! We couldn’t believe it. What a champ.

After our walk we had some down time before having a happy hour at our house for my friend Diane’s birthday. All the girls came over and met Kona and loved her. We then went out to dinner for girl’s night and Marion watched the dogs.

Our first full day with Kona was such a blast. We love her so much!




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