Kona’s Work Day Adventure


Kona’s Day Out, Puppy Style

One of the biggest things we’ve been trying to do with Kona is socialize her early and get her exposed to as many environments and situations as possible (within reason of course because she is still a puppy and doesn’t have all her shots yet.)

One of the things a friend of ours told us to do to for socialization was to take Kona for car rides. If we only take her in the car when she goes to the vet, then she will learn to hate the car because she knows it means going to the vet. But if she always goes in the car and the car could mean any type of adventure, then she will love the car.

We have two types of ways Kona goes in the car. One is in her crate (longer trips):


And the other is in her harness attached to a safety loop. This is her setup for shorter car rides around town. Check out her setup here:


Today I had a Skype meeting. We joke that Kona is our assistant so I put her in the chair and let her take the Skype call. She was very attentive and took good notes. We praised her for doing so well:


After our call, I had to run errands so we took her to CVS. She sat in the cart and was very attentive! Note: I am not sure if dogs are even allowed in CVS but no one said anything so I went with it. She was scared of the shopping cart at first but after a while she got used to it and even liked it!

After our CVS adventure I took her for a walk and she played with some other dogs. I like to let her walk up and sniff and play with other dogs (as long as they’ve had their shots) and children. It’s gotten to the point where she is so used to getting pet and being played with that if someone walks by and does not pet her, she sits and whines! What a silly, silly pup. She sure does love her attention!

When we got back in the car she was all tuckered out and fell right asleep.


After we got home she took a short nap and we packed up the car to head out to grandma and grandpa’s house. Kona enjoys going to grandma and grandpa’s house because she gets to visit with my parent’s eight year old golden retriever named Bailey. We call her Tia Bailey because Bailey is technically her “aunt.” Haha! Kona loves being around bailey and mimicking everything she does. When they want together Kona walks so well on the leash because she wants to be like Bailey.

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