Trupanion Pet Insurance


trupanion pet insurance

 Our veterinarian has recommended Trupanion pet insurance for Kona. It does not cover preventative care (spay / neutering, vaccines, regular checkups) but it does protect us if she hurts herself or falls ill (g-d forbid). You can set your own deductible which we liked.

You can read more about Trupanion here.

Their is one Trupanion plan – you pick your own deductible.

The insurance has 90% coverage which is the highest out there.

Their is no payout limit so you have unlimited coverage.

What is pet insurance?

We have watched our family dog Bailey go through several knee surgeries which were very expensive and prompted us to look into pet insurance for Kona. It protects you against the unexpected – any injuries or illnesses. It does not, however, cover preventative care such as vaccines, regular checkups, spaying / neutering, etc.

How does pet insurance work?

Trupanion allows you to set your own deductible. We have personally set a high deductible but it’s really up to you and your family and what you can afford if something unexpected occured.

Visit our recommended pet health insurance provider, Trupanion, and get a quote today.